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Lynn Leake


Elizabeth Leake

Interior Designer

Some Of My Projects

Julie Bray

Lead Interior Designer


Julie has been a designer with LUXE Home Interiors since before it opened! She is an integral part of the business as well as a very successful designer. Her design skills and creative approach to each space have gained a reputation for her as a creative force that places her at the top of her profession. She has many loyal followers who take advantage of the "buy to a plan" suggestions that she makes for each room. She will interview a client about lifestyle, design preferences and color choices. Then together they make a plan and the client buys pieces over time. Besides having hundreds of elated customers, she has been recognized and published by local lifestyle magazines.

Julie's phenomenal success comes from her attention to her clients and her attention to detail. She is her clients partner all the way through to delivery and accessorizing. Julie creates rooms that have a WOW factor and also stay within a budget that suits the client. She likes to have punches of color that make a room special and often have a "nod" to the coastal lifestyle. Years of education and experience combine to make Julie one of the most respected designers in Southeast Carolina.

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Kaylee Estrada

Designer Coordinator

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